Michigan Regenerative Joint and Spine

Thank you for your interest in Michigan Regenerative Joint and Spine, we look forward to working with you.  We are passionate physicians specializing in the diagnosis of musculoskeletal joint and spine conditions while employing non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques with image guided PRP and Stem Cell injecdtions.  Our promise to you is to give the best quality of care we can provide with the goal of getting you back on the road to enjoying the things you love.

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Loraine W. Age: 79 Location: Right knee Procedure date: 2016
Patient reports 98% relief after the procedure. She previously had a left knee replacement, and the knee was never the same. The right knee is due for a knee replacement, but was unable to trust and rely on the left artificial knee joint. The right knee has no pain, and functions better than her left knee replacement. She highly recommends the procedure.

Joseph J. Age 61 Location: Bilteral elbows Procedure date: May 2018
Patient reports 80% relief and one side, and 70% relief on the other. Patient is an avid body builder and has had a chronic elbow pain from lifting. Since the procedure, he states that small movements that would cause pain and awaken him at night, has not happened. He is able to move his arms with little to no pain, even with lifting heavy weights. The hardest part was avoiding the gym while his arms heal.

Heidi S. Age 77 Location: Lumbar spine Procedure date: December 2017
Patient states that her spine feels much better than before with 75% relief. More importantly, she can now stand and walk much better since the procedure without the pain interfering with her activities. She highly recommends the procedure.

Nancy V. Age 53 Location: Bilateral knees Procedure date 2016Patient reports 90% relief. She is able to walk both short and long distances, use stairs, and is able to do anything her knee pain previously stopped her from doing. She highly recommends the procedure.


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